Favorable Environments

Favorable Environments

#6 - Mark Christopherson: Persevering Through the Doubters

February 07, 2024

This episode features a conversation with Mark Christopherson.

Mark brings over three decades of expertise to the forefront of the medical device industry, with pivotal roles at Medtronic and leadership in venture-backed startups. Mark’s track record includes foundational roles at Inspire Medical and Cryosa, where he was instrumental from the startup phase through commercialization.

With a rich background in managing international development, clinical trials, and a wide array of therapies, Mark has made significant contributions across various domains. His expertise in class III implantables is only a glimpse into his capabilities. Specifically, he has worked with technologies in neuro stimulation, cardiology, heart failure, sleep apnea, disposable catheters, radio frequency and vapor ablation, and cryotherapies. His diverse experience highlights his versatility and innovation in healthcare solutions.

Renowned for building dynamic teams and cultivating strategic relationships with healthcare practitioners and partners, Mark’s leadership continues to influence the medical device sector as he resides in Minnesota.

This is Favorable Environments, a podcast sponsored by the USD Discovery District.

“I am mindful that scientific achievement is rooted in the past, is cultivated to full stature by many contemporaries and flourishes only in favorable environment.” - Ernest O. Lawrence. Ernest Lawrence was an American nuclear physicist and the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1939 for his invention of the cyclotron. He was born and educated in South Dakota. In 2023, he was portrayed in the Christopher Nolan film, 'Oppenheimer,' which explores the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer and the development of the atomic bomb, a project to which Lawrence significantly contributed.


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