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The Grant Wise Show

Using Video Marketing & Events to Build a Top Performing Real Estate Team

April 02, 2024


Welcome back to another episode of “The Grant Wise Show.” Today, we buckle up for a rollercoaster ride with none other than Will Grimes. Will, who went from the military and police force to co-founding a booming fitness company, and then pivoting to conquer the real estate world, shares his journey with us.


In today’s must-listen episode, we dive into the transformative power of video in real estate marketing, and how authenticity and a willingness to face fear can set you apart in this industry. Will not only reveals how he landed 34 deals in his first year, catapulting him to the top 1% at Berkshire Hathaway but also confides in us about the hardships and unique sacrifices that paved his path to success.


We’ll explore how Will’s fresh approach to educational content creation, events, and leveraging social media earned him authority and a robust database without traditional lead generation. And, if you’re hoping to replicate his success, he’s ready to give personalized advice on brand-building through content.


Grant Wise adds his seasoned insights into why we must look at ourselves as marketers first to truly excel. Together, they emphasize the significance of integrity, educating clients, and constantly nurturing your business with strategic hustle.


Ready for a reality check on what it takes to thrive in real estate today? Tune in, as Will Grimes takes the stage on this episode of “The Grant Wise Show.”


About Will Grimes:


Will Grimes transitioned from a career shaped by the discipline and camaraderie of the military into the civilian world where he brought his unique perspective on dedication and service to the real estate industry.


Harnessing the same principles of integrity and tenacity that he had cultivated in the military, Will quickly stood out in the real estate field. He established himself as a reliable and trustworthy agent, one who approached buying and selling not just as transactions but as life-changing events for his clients.


Will’s earnest conversations about the benefits of fitness and mental health within his network at Fit Republic were mirrored in his real estate dealings, where he emphasized the importance of finding the right fit for each individual. Known for his honest and heartfelt advice, Will became not just a realtor but a valued advisor, earning the trust and respect of those he worked with.


Over time, Will has built a solid reputation, leveraging his unique background to guide clients through one of the most significant decisions of their lives with the same care and attention he once dedicated to his fitness philosophy. His commitment to service and exceptional understanding of people’s needs have made him a celebrated figure in the real estate market—a true testament to his character and expertise.





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