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Building a Big Real Estate Business Doing the Boring Work

February 06, 2024
Building a Big Real Estate Business Doing the Boring Work with Tina Caul


Tina Caul is the CEO of the Caul Group which is one of the top five real estate teams at EXP Globally. She’s built her entire business by mastering the little things and doing them over and over again until they became big parts of her success.


In this episode, we talk about mastering the mundane, holding yourself accountable, being patient, and so much more.


My biggest takeaway from this episode was when Tina said that she “finally had the guts to design her life” the way she wanted to live it. This is something most people simply do not do but once you realize just how much control you have over the outcomes you’re seeking, it changes everything.


The first 27 years of Tina’s life she felt like she was flying an airplane and didn’t have a pilot. Once she discovered manifestation, writing out her goals, and feeling her feelings, she and her husband started to take control of their life and she built the life she had always dreamed of.


In my own experience, when you have a very clear picture of what you want your life to look like, the work gets a lot easier, even if it’s boring. That said, there are things you can do to discipline yourself to get the work done and be consistent in doing it.

For example, intentional suffering is one of the greatest things you can build into your daily routine becasue like Tina said in this interview, “You don’t get what you want, you get what you are.” If you don’t feel like you can handle the work that is coming at you to be successful in real estate then, like David Goggins says, “you have to invent someone who can.”


Intentional suffering can help mold you into the person you need to become to “make it”, no matter what you’re doing.


This episode is full of nuggets. Get your pen and paper out and be ready to take some notes.






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