Reel Review with Zoe (Real FM)

Reel Review with Zoe (Real FM)

Discussing "Pastor's Kid" with Ben Koppin & Courtney Bandeko

May 13, 2024

This episode of Reel Review is different. Instead of reviewing a new movie, Zoe is joined with two incredible guests to discuss their new film: Pastor's Kid. The film's director and writer is Benjamin Koppin, who works in L.A. as a commercial producer and independent filmmaker with his wife. The leading actress in the film is played by Courtney Bandeko who loves working in indie-films and has also done a lot of TV shows.

On this podcast episode, they talk with Zoe about their unique faith-based film that is rated R for strong language and themes, but all agree this is actually something a lot of people can resonate and connect with. They talk about the changing Christian filmmaking landscape and the importance of healing in the church.

Pastor's Kid: "In this raw true story of faith and redemption, college student, Riley grapples with her identity after years of abuse and religious hypocrisy. She must face this painful past to find healing."

You can learn more about Ben Koppin's production company on IMDb

And on Instagram @1988.films is where you can learn about his current and new projects.

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