Reel Review with Zoe (Real FM)

Reel Review with Zoe (Real FM)

Reel 2: "I Just Like the Stock" feat. My Husband Sam (Ep 3)

October 19, 2023

Welcome to Reel Review! This is where Zoe helps you answer the question, “Should I see this?” and invites you into a deeper conversation about the story’s themes and message.  

This episode covers the recent film Dumb Money. In Reel 1, Zoe shared her brief thoughts on the true story turned Hollywood film. Here in Reel 2, joined with a special guest, Zoe unpacks all the details surrounding the real life events in Dumb Money, everything with GameStop, the Robin Hood app, Reddit, TikTok, and hedge fund bros. Is there hope for the Every Man and will this film make an impact?

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