Reel Review with Zoe (Real FM)

Reel Review with Zoe (Real FM)

Reel 2: Differing Views on Barbie's Feminism feat. Kara (Ep 2)

October 19, 2023

Welcome to Reel Review! This is where Zoe helps you answer the question, “Should I see this?” and invites you into a deeper conversation about the story’s themes and message.  

This episode covers the 2023 box office sensation, "Barbie." In Reel 1, Zoe explained how she felt leaving the theater, and why it was hard for her to review or recommend, but acknowledges people did enjoy the film. One such person happens to be Real FM's very own Kara!

Together, in this Reel 2, Zoe and Kara discuss their different opinions on the movie, feminism, but find common ground in how God designed men and women to live in unity.