2 Guys And A Chainsaw

2 Guys And A Chainsaw

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Silent Night Bloody Night
December 30, 2022

Silent Night Bloody Night

Christmas Bloody Christmas
December 24, 2022

We decided to continue with the killer Santa theme this season and review yet another movie that is brand new and currently streaming online

The Advent Calendar
December 13, 2022

Our second episode of the holiday season is a creepy take on a cherished Christmas tradition around the world.

Violent Night
December 06, 2022

How often do we get to review a film currently in the theaters as we sit, side by side, on the same sofa?

Frankenstein General Hospital
November 29, 2022

We admit: This week is a very looong stretch tribute, in tribute to Leslie Jordan.

November 23, 2022

As usual, we searched high and low for a Thanksgiving-themed horror movie this year and, as usual, we came up with something only tangentially-related to turkey day.

November 18, 2022

This week's film came out just last month, but we couldn't wait to review it.

Wrong Turn
November 09, 2022

We tick off yet another one of the last major horror franchises that we had yet to cover: Wrong Turn.

The Company Of Wolves
November 02, 2022

This week's episode is a tribute to Dame Angela Lansbury.

Hocus Pocus
October 26, 2022

We switch it up and move to classic family fare for our Halloween episode this year.