The MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast

The MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast

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Exploring MedTech Innovation in Medical Alley (Ep. 19)
July 11, 2024

Ready to explore cutting-edge MedTech innovation and its career impact? Matt Nelson, CFP, and Frank Jaskulke, the now former VP of Innovation at Medical Alley, join together to discuss how Medical A

Estate Planning: Beyond the Basics with Jen Santini, J.D. (Ep. 18)
June 27, 2024

Have you planned how your assets will be handled after youre gone? Building on foundational estate planning strategies, this episode of the MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast, hosted by Matt Nelson, CFP

The Fundamentals of Estate Planning with Jen Santini, J.D. (Ep. 17)
June 13, 2024

Did you know you have an estate plan whether you know it or not? Uncover the critical importance of choosing the right proxies in estate planning with professional guidance on this episode of the Med

Jacob’s Journey: Building a Foundation on Integrity and Family Values (Ep. 16)
May 23, 2024

What drives a financial planner to focus on factors beyond the numbers? In this weeks dialogue on the MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast, host Matt Nelson, CFP, AIF, ECA welcomes Jacob LaRue, CFP, a p

Being Radically Different with MedTech Entrepreneur, Omar Khateeb (Ep. 15)
May 09, 2024

What does it take to transform an industry? Matt Nelson, CFP explores the meaningful world of MedTech innovation with Omar Khateeb, a pioneering entrepreneur in the medical device industry. From his

Investing for Decades Not Days (Ep. 14)
April 25, 2024

Is your portfolio designed for sustained growth without succumbing to market speculation? Join us for a compelling episode of The MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast. Host, Matt Nelson, CFP welcomes back

Building Roots: A Passion for Legacy With Matthew Finley, CFP® (Ep. 13)
April 11, 2024

Can a background in medicine and microbiology revolutionize financial advising? Discover the remarkable transformation of Matthew Finley, CFP, Partner & Senior Financial Advisor at Perspective 6 Grou

RSUs Part 3: RSU Mistakes to Avoid (Ep. 12)
March 28, 2024

Could you be avoiding the common mistakes made with RSUs? The MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast culminates its RSU series with a compelling finale. Hosted by Matt Nelson, CFP and guest Jacob LaRue, CFP

Important Tax Planning Numbers for 2024 (Ep. 11)
March 14, 2024

Limits, Contributions, Deductions Do you know the critical updates for each in 2024? Join Matt Nelson, CFP & Jacob LaRue, CFP in the latest episode of the MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast. Together

RSUs Part 2: How To Transform RSUs into Wealth (Ep. 10)
February 22, 2024

Are Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) just a fancy bonus, or a wealth-building tool? Building on the foundational knowledge from Part 1, this episode of the MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast digs deeper into