Into Your Head

Into Your Head

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Show 810: The Littlest Hobo and the Leprosy Bell
February 17, 2024

Neal discusses things to consider when falling to Earth, the impenetrable mechanics of swatting a fly, victim-blaming a fly, nondescriptness, a dog's attempts to line it's stomach,why the Littlest Ho

Show 809: And the Elevator Seal Maintenance Dog you Rode in On
February 03, 2024

Neal discusses explaining Pink Floyd to a cat, understanding the Middle East, how parrots work, cars that are very wide and very short, how to dress a performing seal, Chevies, levees, levies, Daewoo,

Show 808: My Trunk, My Choice
January 26, 2024

Neal presents a new original Quentin Tarantino dialogue about a bank heist of a bulding that once housed Robin Island jail (tasteful), and discusses assisting an elephant with self exploration, a blan

Show 807: Pope Bollo XI
January 21, 2024

Neal discusseswhat happens toyour child if they listen to this, what your cat does to feel alive, how to organise a legalised crime purchase regime, reporting future cold cases,Demolition Man (1993

Show 806: Blood in your Head of Guinness
January 14, 2024

Neal discusses a problem he has in common with Beatle Paul McCartney, a surgeon and a tree surgeon comparing notes, truly hollow fruits, the body as a trickle down economy, doctors berating the comato

Show 805: Two Handcuffs or Three?
January 08, 2024

In a podcast laden with twists and nail-biting revelations as we sit in on a jail-hardened dog's parole review, Neal considers what an M&M is, Mother Nature's periodic landscapes, a doctor's views on

Show 804: Intellectually Honest Meatloaf Recipies
January 01, 2024

In the first show of 2024 Neal discusses the term "west brit", Trevelyan, a cat avoiding New Year's beer scams, a dog's dealings with the registrar of deaths and stuff, defining hella dodgy, Hurrican

Show 803: Christmas on a Popsicle Stick
December 26, 2023

In a Christmas special culminating in the heartwarming story of a foulmouthed fake Santa who holds up bars, Neal discusses face cloth enthusiasts, introducing your child to A Clockwork Orange (1972),

Show 802: Custody of a Padlock
December 20, 2023

Neal discusses reassuring a fast food operative who's seen Michael Douglas in Falling Down (1993), the trouble with one-way vocal chords, whodunnits at mass, thoughts of a depressed eternal dog, bar

Show 801: Air Investigator First, Elephant Second
December 11, 2023

Neal discusses sit-com bunk bed envy, takey-offey parachutes versus landy parachutes, a dignified way to kill off libraries, eternal peanuts, where cabaret fits in the grand scheme of things, a curtai