Tim Ventura Interviews

Tim Ventura Interviews

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Nick Colosimo - MoonXcribe & Lunar Science
September 14, 2023

Prof. Nick Colosimo wants to write messages of "love, life & remembrance" on the lunar surface to last millions of years. We discuss his new MoonXcribe startup and the long-term effects of space radia

Gavin Schmidt - The Silurian Hypothesis
September 13, 2023

Could an advanced civilization have existed on Earth millions of years before humans? Dr. Gavin Schmidt discusses the Silurian Hypothesis, a thought experiment to assess our scientific ability to de

Avi Loeb - Interstellar & Beyond
September 12, 2023

Dr. Avi Loeb discusses his new book "Interstellar: The Search For Extraterrestrial Life and our Future In The Stars" and explores the intersection of SETI, UAP, Artificial Intelligence & The Singulari

Alex Taits - ARC Microturbine Generator
September 08, 2023

Startup founder Alex Taits describes the ARC Microturbine Generator, a modular 8 kilowatt electrical power system for drones based on a miniature turbine engine.Alex Taits is the Founder & CEO of Fu

Amal Graafstra - Microchip Implants
September 02, 2023

Startup founder Amal Graafstra is one of the first and most well-known "do-it-yourself" RFID microchip implantees in the world, and discusses applications for contactless security, identity, payments

Brandon Q. Morris - Wormhole Communication
September 01, 2023

Best-selling science fiction author Brandon Q. Morris discusses his recent article in The Debrief, "Tiny Wormholes May Be Usable For Interstellar Communication".The inspiration for Brandon's article

Matthew Gill - Space Radiation
August 30, 2023

Dr. Matthew Gill discusses the hazards posed by space radiation & offers insights into protection for astronauts & computer hardware on space exploration missions.Dr. Matthew Gill is a nuclear engin

Rebecca Johnston - Decentralized Governance
August 26, 2023

Can blockchain improve the election process? Rebecca Johnston discusses the ambitious Digital World project, using decentralized ledger technology to empower democratic governance. Rebecca Johnston

Diana Pasulka - American Cosmic
August 24, 2023

Dr. Diana Palsulka discusses the belief, mythology and phenomenology of UFOs from her groundbreaking book on the topic, "American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology".Dr. Diana Palsulka is a professo

Martin Rees - AI & ET Civilizations
August 15, 2023

Professor Martin Rees discusses SETI, The Fermi Paradox & The Technological Singularity from his recent Scientific American article, Most Aliens May Be Artificial Intelligence, Not Life as We Know It