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Live Interview with the Sneakerhead himself dynmytsportstv
May 07, 2023

the instagram of the show: https://www.instagram.com/_whatsnextpodcast_/My guess Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dynmytsportstv/Video of Dynmysportstv throwing AIR JORDAN in the trash:https://www.youtube.com/live/gnPPX5Zjyoc?feature=shareIn this inte

April 01, 2023

Before the big WWE Wrestlemania show Myself, Nick Provenzano, and Nick's GF Athena preview this year biggest WWE show WrestleMania 39. We give predictions about each match and talk about the feuds leading up to it.

March 21, 2023

Final Episode of the Season as Nick and I discuss the crazy super bowl that happened Instagram:_whatsnextpodcast_

NFL 2023 NFL Championship games
February 05, 2023


WNP NFL Divisional Round Reactions 2023
February 04, 2023

SORRY FOR THE LATE POSTING Nick P and I Channell W react to the NFL's 2023 divisional round results and we also debate the Future of some NFL playoff teams. Finally we give our predictions for the NFL Championship games of 2023.Instagram:_whatsnextpodcast

WNP Sports NFL Playoff 2023 Wild Card Weekend
January 22, 2023

NFL 2023 Wild Card weekend concluded last week and as away Nick and I are here to share our thoughts on the game and the direction of the teams moving forward. This is a great show please share and download the episode it helps a great deal!Instagram: _wh

The Reality of Friendships and Relationships
December 31, 2022

This episode is about my thoughts and analysis on friendships and relationships today and how to approach the negative and positives part of them. I also share stories of mine regrading the topic both my highs and shortcomings as well. This is a great epi

What's Next Podcast Sports Edition Episode 13
December 24, 2022

Post World Cup reactions and Reactions to the Crazy week 15 of the NFL Season Instagram: _whatsnextpodcast_

WNP sports Edition Episode 12
December 18, 2022

World Cup Semifinal preview and NFL Week 14 Reactions and more on this great episode of the What's Next Podcast. I lose it in this episode lol Check it out!Instagram: _whatsnextpodcast_

What's Next Podcast World cup and NFL Week 13 reactions
December 11, 2022

Sorry It's been awhile but we have Episode 11 of the What's Next Podcast here for you right now. We talked about the world cup highlights from Last Week and NFL week 13 reactions. We are back to Uploads every week.