Here we go with Loosh

Here we go with Loosh

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Here We Go with a Lil Update
September 10, 2023

Just wanted to give an. update on what I've been doing for the last 2 years

C. Difficile (Goo Goo Muck Cover)(Microbe Project for Microbiology)
April 24, 2023

Needed somewhere to post my project. I'm no professional but one day I will be better at putting audio together. C. diff are bacteria (germs) that cause diarrhea and colitis (an inflammation of the colon). C. diff infections can be life-threatening. They

Here We Go with Revealing Faith in Humanity (feat. Liliana Rios)
February 25, 2022

This episode I'm accompanied by a great friend of mine and one of the sweetest people I know Liliana Rios. She drops gem throughout the episode as she tells about her growing up in El Paso, building her faith in college and being a great friend by listeni

Here We Go with Job Seeking/Fashion (feat. Francisco)
December 28, 2021

In case you missed it... I had mental health recruiter/fashion blogger Francisco accompany me on this live episode on IG! Francisco gives a little bit of his background, and we give tips on mental health, job seeking, blogging (more specifically, fashion

Here We Go with From Trials and Trenches to Treasures and Triumphs (feat. Brandon Holman)
August 27, 2021

This episode Brandon Holman joins me in what felt like a therapy session. With his upbeat attitude and goofy personality, he describes what life was like growing up in the projects of Baltimore, Maryland with a military-minded father and religious mother.

Here We Go with Cosmic Gems from A Creative Consultant (feat. Samara Traylor)
August 20, 2021

This episode I connected with business/event liaison Samara Traylor. We talked about her growing up in Chicago, her opinions on topics like the COVID vaccine and the cosmic world, and her two business ventures. If you're looking for advice on how to start

Here We Go with Letting Go to Get More! (feat. Zavier O'Keith)
July 16, 2021

My friend/singer Zavier O'Keith ( joins me in this week's episode. We talk about growing up in Houston, being influenced by the sounds and creative looks of Michael

Here We Go with Time (A Dedication to Kurterry Singleton and my grandmother)
July 07, 2021

It's kind of heavy one... This episode I annotate "Time" by Snoh Aalegra to honor and celebrate the lives of my colleague Kurterry Singleton, who lost life in an accident while on vacation in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, and my grandmother, who died a day

Here We Go with Traveling through Insanity (feat. Nikki Bray)
June 25, 2021

This episode my friend Nikki Bray joins me to talk primarily about mental health. However, our discussion took many turns like Nikki's many roadtrips, her interactions with her patients as a nurse, and her plans of having at least a basketball team of her

Here We Go with Familial Foundations (feat. Maria and Ashley L.)
June 18, 2021

This episode my sisters from other misters Maria and Ashley L accompany me on the topic of our parents, the trials of being raised by them, what they instilled in us, and how they support us as dog moms. The audio is crazy with this one. My dog O'Ryan wan