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PJS3 "Season Finale" Roundtable Discussion with Caitie Thompson, Erin McLendon, Tracee Perrin, Katie Raideke
June 28, 2023

Season 3 has been one hell of a ride with special guests like Carol Kaye, Tommy Putnam, Clare Cunningham, and industry pro's like Nate and Donna of "Syncology". In our final episode of Season 3, I thought it would be important to bring in me

PJS3 Ep. 21 Artist Interview: Monsterboy LIVES
June 21, 2023

Monster Boy Lives is a husband/wife duo from Little Rock, Arkansas with an eclectic multi-genre sound. From one track to the next, the elements used seem as though they wouldn't fit, but once you let their music put you in a trance, everything makes s

PJS3 Ep. 21 Artist Interview: Corrupted Hearts
June 14, 2023

Bradley Schultz is the leader and front man of Columbus, Ohio Alternative Rock band, The Corrupted Hearts. Life for Bradley has taken many different paths, which ultimately led to him putting music down for awhile so that he could build a family with his

PJS3 Ep. 19 Artist Interview: Jullian Fulco Perron
June 07, 2023

Julian Fulco Perron is a Colorado based art-pop artist. In this episode we discuss his new single "All The Lights", his musical influences, and his recording process. His dedication to finding his vintage sounds through experimenting with analog

PJS3 Ep. 18 Tommy Putnam of Moon Taxi
May 31, 2023

Tommy Putnam is the bassist for the indie-alt-rock band Moon Taxi. Tommy and Trevor (vocals/guitar) started playing music together in middle school, and when they went to college at Belmont University in Nashville, the rest of Moon Taxi was formed. Tommy

PJS3 Ep. 17 Artist Interview: Paige Keiner
May 24, 2023

Originally from Orlando Florida, Paige Keiner moved to Nashville, TN in 2019 to pursue songwriting and her solo career. She came to Nashville already a seasoned pro with a Grammy nomination, and a few medals from the Global Music Awards on her resume. Her

PJS3 Ep. 17 Industry Pro: Aaron Schilb of Nashville Tourstop
May 17, 2023

Aaron Schilb's first performance in Nashville was at a showcase hosted be our founder, Erin McLendon! He is the CEO and founder of Nashville Tour Stop, a bi-monthly songwriter round that features artists from all walks of life. Aaron's goal was to

PJS3 Ep. 15 Artist Interview: Anastasia Elliot
May 10, 2023

Anastasia Elliot is a symphonic pop/rock artist whose story is one of grit and determination. Her intrinsic need to create an art form that immerses the listener wholly into her world is what sets her apart. She does not worry about the world as it sits,

PJS3 Ep. 14 Industry Pro: Sierra Cornell of "Songwriters Unblocked"
May 03, 2023

Sierra Cornell is the host of podcast "Songwriters Unblocked", and a full time songwriter in LA. After discovering that the "artist path" was not for her, she decided to focus all of her efforts on songwriting which allowed her creativ

Quick Hits: Gerard Longo of Underground Music Collective
April 28, 2023

Gerard Longo is a journalist, podcaster, photographer , promoter, and marketing specialist. He is his own ecosystem, monikered under the name "Underground Music Collective", a company dedicated to helping artists and creatives flourish, and buil