St’ Mark’s Park After Dark

St’ Mark’s Park After Dark

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Revenge of The Nerds (Break down)
August 25, 2023

This episode Axl and I break down the classic 80's movie Revenge of the Nerds. staring Anthony Edwards (Gilbert), Robert Carradine (Lewis), Curtis Armstrong (Booger), Larry B. Scott (Lamar), Ted McGinley (Stan), and Donald Gibb as (Ogre). This was a movie

Boyz n the Hood (Break down)
July 24, 2023

This episode Axl and I break down the hood classic Boyz n the Hood. The legendary movie made by John Singleton staring Ice cube (Doughboy), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Tre), Morris Chestnut (Ricky), and Laurence Fishburne (Furious). For me it was the first up close

Full Metal Jacket (Break down)
July 01, 2023

This right here this right here. Full Metal Jacket break down cray cray, Axl and I gets busy breaking down the "Jacket". The movies stars Vincent D' Onofrio as my favorite (Pvt) Pyle, Mathew Modine (Pvt) Joker, R.Lee Ermey (Gry Sgt) Hartman. A classic war

Krush Groove (Bodie Moving Break down)
June 19, 2023

This episode Axl and I talk about another hood classic slash cult classic Krush Groove. It was the beginning and the ending for me when it comes to the start of the hiphop rap scene. This movie alone inspired millions of kids from the inner city to become

Above the Rim 1994 (Break down)
June 04, 2023

This episode Axl and I break down the movie Above the Rim. Different from the movie juice but still a cult slash hood classic. This movie stars 2pac (Birdie), Leon (Shep), Duane Martin (Kyle lee Watson), and Marlon Waynes (Bugaloo). This movie like juice

Juice 1992 (Break down)
May 29, 2023

Axl and I break down the movie Juice. Juice is a cult slash hood classic. It's stars 2Pac,(Bishop) Omar Epps, (GQ) Khalil Kain, (Raheem) and Jermaine Hopkins (Steel). Four kids in Harlem looking for the Juice. The movie had mad questions that you could as

We love the 80's
May 20, 2023

Axl and I talk about the 1980's. When the time were so amazing. It was the era of big hair, tight ripped jeans, and neon color clothes. When all the great childhood movies were popping off.(Goonies, Top Gun, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off etc)

The G-Ride (the Scraper)
May 13, 2023

Axl and I talk about the infamous G-rides (cars) we rolled around in the city. From the mother ship to the OMNI, the Golf, the Honda Civic, the corolla, to the Saturn. So many stories that we live to tell you guys were too funny. These events took place

The Brawl Of 95
April 28, 2023

Axl and I talk about a racial brawl that happened in Linden NJ back in 1995. At the time niether of us thought in a million years that a racial brawl would take place in Linden. The story is epic, we survived the brawl and lived to talk about it. The figh

R.Smith (Jodi Tibbs)
April 21, 2023

Axl and I interview our little bro R. Smith aka Jodi Tibbs. Jodi been running with Axl and I over 20 plus year. He's a 8 ward legend even though he didn't grow up with us as a kid like the rest of the Marks Men crew. This dude is like the Marks Men crew l