The Experience Evolution

The Experience Evolution

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Do Not Let Long Lines Turn Your Shoppers into Grinches This Holiday Season
December 13, 2022

Greg Mummah is the Director of Sales Engineering for JRNI. He has over 30 years of experience in the software, with ten years specifically in SAS. He has experience in various other fields, such as banking, financial services, retail, and the public secto

Digital banking trends and the future of physical branches
October 11, 2021

Nick Barnes and Sean Jones discuss the digital trends affecting online banking and physical branches.

Prep the halls: 2021 holiday shopping season trends and tips
September 13, 2021

John Federman and Adam Percival break down the shopping trends likely to impact the 2021 retail holiday season.

How to cater to the human element of banking
August 08, 2021

Nick Barnes and Thomas Novak discuss the importance of incorporating personalized experiences and human-to-human connections into digital banking solutions.

Emerging trends of the post-pandemic shopper with Jonathan Horemans, Roger Sowerbutts, and Graeme Greenwood
July 13, 2021

Jonathan Horemans, Roger Sowerbutts, and Graeme Greenwood weigh in on retail trends in the era of the post-pandemic shopper.

Appointments are a key business investment in the experience economy
June 14, 2021

Businesses already recognized the importance of appointments as an experience driver for customers and prospects before the pandemic.

A JRNI through experiential relationship management
April 21, 2021

John Federman discusses building strong customer relationships in retail and banking industries through experiential relationship management.