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Students Factory Podcast

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How To Make Big Life Changing Decisions
April 15, 2021

How do you make life-changing decisions? Do you take a few seconds or plan everything out? Most people are rational and prefer meticulous planning over snap judgements. However, Whichever pathway you

Habits: How to form good habits and remove toxic habits
April 08, 2021

Ever wondered why breaking bad habits is so much harder than adopting good ones? Life seems so hard, and you can not change it. In this episode, Asim Godil joined with Amen and Gabrielé on creating ne

Disagreements: how to make them more productive
April 01, 2021

Ever been in an argument, whether with a friend or a colleague, a loved one or a stranger or a community? These days disagreements are impossible to be resolved while also hurting the other party in t

Introducing the Students Factory Podcast
March 15, 2021

The first Students Factory podcast premiers on April 1st