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Episode 19: Its not over yet!
August 14, 2022

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you guys! I appreciate whoever is reading this for being a lovely and patient audience. I hope listening to this podcast is worth your time and you actually learn something from it!  Stay tuned&

Episode 18: Mai apni favourite hoon!
August 07, 2022

Hi there! Hope you're doing well and you enjoyed today's episode!  Thank you for being a part of Reveur. It really means a lot and keeps me going! Stay tuned  Yours truly Reveur aka Dreamer --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spot

Episode 17: Khud ko suno
July 31, 2022

Hi there! Welcome to Reveur!! A podcast that is discovering itself one episode at a time!  Today's episode is about listening to our inner voice that is often unheard in this world where we are always running, the line between wrong and right gets blurred

Episode 16: Ishaaro Ishaaro me
July 24, 2022

Hi there! kindly spare your precious 2 minutes  so that I can communicate  A piece of my heart to you  A story within a poem  or a poem with a story  either way, take your time and do not hurry  maybe REVEUR is worth finding&

Episode 14: Chalte Chalte
May 14, 2022

Hello everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Reveur! If you enjoyed listening to today’s episode then spread the word around. It would mean a lot if my words reach as many people as possible and make a difference in their lives! If there is anythin

Episode 13: Raasta
May 07, 2022

Hello Fellow listeners! Thank you for tuning in to the podcast and for encouraging me to keep going! I hope you enjoyed this poem! You can share your thoughts about either through a voice message or by connecting with me through my blog! I hope to hear fr

Episode 12: “Mai udna chahti hoon”
April 16, 2022

Hello Fellow listeners! I hope you got the title reference and also enjoyed listening to this short poem. If you found it worth your time then do share it to spread motivation. Check my blog at: https://lifedairyofadreamer.wordpress.com/. Stay tuned.

Episode 11: Accepting Life
April 01, 2022

Hello Fellow listeners! Hope you’re done well! I am back with another episode! Hope you enjoy listening to it! Check my blog at: https://lifedairyofadreamer.wordpress.com/. Stay tuned! Yours truly

Episode 10: Mera Safar
March 25, 2022

Hello Fellow Listeners! Welcome back to Reveur, your weekly motivation podcast! Today's episode is a quote that tries to explain a personal feeling using minimal words! I hope you understand me and support my podcast journey! Do share and follow Reveur on

Episode 9: Gehraiyaan
March 18, 2022

Hey Guys! Thank you for tuning in to Reveur! Today's poem is about nothing specific but just a very deep thought! It's open to your interpretation so you can accept it the way you want! If you liked the poem, then do follow my podcast on Anchor, Spotify,