Getting Nowhere

Getting Nowhere

Latest Episodes

Episode 5 What's the name of your car?
May 19, 2021

How did Vishav survive two weeks with no phone? Truly an interesting time in her life.

Episode 4 Charles Manson Should've Taken Dance Lessons
April 27, 2021

Head phone warning. You don't want your eardrums to be destroyed.

Episode 3 Marvel Fanatics? Definitely Not Us
April 15, 2021

Hectic from the start. Don't cry if we kill a couple of your braincells.

Episode 2 Vishav Almost Died in India
March 30, 2021

In today's episode, listen to us talk about wild India experiences and how Prince Phillip needs a sip of Sprite.

Episode 1
March 24, 2021

Listen to us rant about our struggles with the English language, affirmations, and a little bit about us.