The Hambino Podcast

The Hambino Podcast

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The Hambino Podcast episode 18 Live !!!!
March 17, 2023

WBC Pool Advancements, Big Papi's excuses, and prediction on WBC 2023 Winner  --- Support this podcast:

The Hambino Podcast Ep.16 ft. Alex Sanabia
November 25, 2021

Alex has 15 professional season under is career and trying to reach the 20. We talk about his journey through the minors, making it to the majors and playing in LMB and also winterball in venezuela  --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spo

Episode 15
November 19, 2021

Off-season is heating up in major league baseball. Angels making a splash in the market, pitchers getting recruited, and teams playing chess trying to  build their rosters.  --- Support this podcast:

The Hambino Podcast Ep. 14
October 15, 2021

Divison Series Recap --- Support this podcast:

The Hambino Podcast Ep. 13
October 07, 2021

Wild Card games recap, ALDS preview --- Support this podcast:

The Hambino Podcast Ep. 11
June 18, 2021

We have special guests Chance Sharp, Miriam Luz, Rolando Sanchez and we discuss controversial topics including Foreign substances on baseballs , World Series predictions, Lindor's season with the Mets and also Rolandos conspiracy theory dating back 20 yea

The Hambino Podcast Ep. 10
June 04, 2021

Recap of baseball in the month of may, we talk unwritten rules, potential trades, and All-Star Rosters  --- Support this podcast:

The Hambino Podcast Ep. 9
May 09, 2021

We talk with Coach Rolando again, we talk about Pujols being DFAd, is La Russa staying or leaving the White Sox Organization, we mention the 4 no hitters in the early start of the season, and also a little Mothers day flash back with the coach.  ---

The Hambino Podcast Ep. 8
May 03, 2021

We got our first ever guest, Coach Rolando Sanchez. we talk about his experience working with college level athletes and his scouting routine and some baseball stories of his own. --- Support this podcast:

The Hambino Podcast Ep. 7
April 26, 2021

Recap of this past week of baseball we talk about the Padres vs Dodgers series and also Bumgarners 7inning No-Hitter --- Support this podcast: