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Below Deck Season 10 Episode 4
December 13, 2022

This week on the St. David the drama came to a head. We saw the beginnings of a love triangle or two, and learned more about Ross than we needed to, according to Frasier anyway. With Captain Lee's health needing to take priority, we see him prepare to lea

Below Deck Season 10 Episode 3
December 07, 2022

So what does a Deck/Stew do exactly? Ashley and Kierstin aren't sure, and it seems that no one on the crew of the St. David knows either. Regardless, tension is already building, and our Deck/Stew Camille seems to be right at the center of it.Join our con

Below Deck Med Season 7 Reunion
December 02, 2022

Don't worry, we didn't forget about the reunion for this season of Below Deck Med! Overall, Ashley and Kierstin agree that this reunion is pretty solid; Andy did his job in both asking questions and rolling the footage when necessary, but two crew members

Below Deck Season 10 Episodes 1-2
November 29, 2022

We're back! It's a new season of Below Deck and Ashley and Kierstin are breaking down the crew aboard the St. David. There's already tension in the interior, and some worrying health problems with Captain Lee. Join us as we make our predictions for the se

Below Deck Med Season 7 Finale
November 15, 2022

We made it everyone! Nineteen episodes down and only a reunion to go. Ashley and Kierstin break down this (slightly underwhelming) season finale and hold it up against season finales from other seasons.They also take a look ahead to next week's Med reunio

Below Deck Med Season 7 Episode 18
November 08, 2022

The beginning of the end...the final charter aboard Home has begun. Between "pancakes" and gold chains, these guests are certainly not the easiest we've ever seen; but a new stew on board has given the interior some new energy. Ashley and Kierstin discuss

Below Deck Med Season 7 Episode 17
November 01, 2022

We're in the "Home" stretch of this season (get it?) with just one charter left. The guests in this episode left a big tip despite all the problems with staffing and weather, but next week's guests look like they'll give the crew (and the new stew) a run

Below Deck Med Season 7 Episode 16
October 25, 2022

Ashley and Kierstin are back for what might be the last charter on Home (we aren't sure, they might have one more). The interior is finally getting their act together, but not before karma makes a visit. We also take a look ahead to reunion and the premie

Below Deck Med Season 7 Episode 15
October 18, 2022

Despite Sandy's efforts to fix the relationships in the interior team, things are continuing to spiral. The pressure gets so bad that Natasha starts talking to Dave in the kitchen and Natalya climbs into Storm's bed to vent. The deck team is doing great i

Below Deck Med Season 7 Episode 14
October 11, 2022

The interior team is imploding aboard Home and Ashley and Kierstin have so much to say about it. Natasha and Kyle are behaving so terribly towards Natalya, and we won't stand for it. In better news, the new deckhand Reid is adorable, Courtney continues to