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Episode 5: Build the Dialogue
November 04, 2021

In this episode our Senior Conversational UX Designer, Allan, walks us through best practices of how to effectively build the bot dialogue. Did you know that is it a legal requirement to make sure your bot identifies itself as your virtual assistant from

Episode 4: Brand your bot
October 11, 2021

Your bot will be one of your facing images of your company. It's important to make sure this channel matches and conveys the identity of your brand. This is also where you let your creative ideas flow! In this episode, content marketer, Kathy Tangarife, w

Episode 2: Assemble your team and give your bot a job
April 30, 2021

In this episode, we break down best practices and tips for giving your bot a job. Before you have a set job for your bot, however, it's important to identify who the members of your team will be who will help you in the process. We recommend you have a ch

Episode 1: Pilot
April 16, 2021

At NeuraFlash we are a leading AI and ISV partner of Salesforce. As intelligent experience experts integrating the power of AI with Service Cloud, we want to make sure that you are providing the best experience possible for your customers and employees. I

Episode 3: Identify what the chatbot should know
April 01, 2021

In this episode, we welcome our first guest on the show, Jhad Katerji, Lead Solutions Engineer at NeuraFlash. Jhad walks us through his experiences in working with Einstein Bots, customers, as well as helping us identify best practices for what an Einstei