Life of a Military Wife

Life of a Military Wife

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Episode 123 Congressional Fight Over Military Healthcare
September 13, 2023

It seems like more often than not Congress uses the military as a battleground to establish what they think should be the standard for the rest of the nation. This has happened yet again. As a result

Episode 122 A Hot Take
September 06, 2023

This week it's a little hot take about the pitfalls of social media. Communication is difficult enough but sometimes online we don't always express ourselves the way we would like. So what are some wa

Episode 121 Military Wife and Children's Author
August 30, 2023

Courtney Siebring is a creative artist and military wife currently living in Colorado Springs, CO, with her husband and daughter. Her devotion to Christ, background in theatre, current work as a voice

Episode 120 Finding Joy As You Journey
August 23, 2023

Everyone has hard times in their life. Especially with military life and being away from family and friends it's important to have the tools you need to be resilient. A key point is having good friend

Episode 119 Tuition Assistance Collapes
August 16, 2023

If you're a military family that relies on the tuition assistance program for your service member to pursue their higher education then there are recent developments that are going to directly impact

Episode118 Your School Choice
August 09, 2023

As military families we're frequently faced with a decision of which educational options to pursue for our children due to our frequent changes in duty station. Sometimes understanding and navigating

Episode 117 See You At The Library
August 02, 2023

In partnership with Brave Books I will be doing my first in person event for the podcast. See You At The Library is a nationwide experience that is being hosted by hundreds of individuals. The only mi

Episode116 Becoming Your Own Boss
July 26, 2023

Due to the fact that we move around a lot as military wives it's nice to sometimes have a job that will come with you wherever you go. In light of this I was able to interview Megan Stevenson from Meg

Episode 115 Learning A Language
July 19, 2023

In the second part of this interview with Lindsey Williams, from Lindsay does languages, she finishes answering your questions about learning a language. One of those questions is what are your favori

Episode 114 Language Life
July 12, 2023

Lindsay runs Lindsay Does Languages and is on a mission to teach you how to learn a language. Yes, you! She does this via her unique program Language Life, and other courses, which are all about makin