Picnic Nights

Picnic Nights

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The Spooky Afterlife (Ep. 4)
June 17, 2021

A few not very intelligent homo sapiens talk about manners related to what happens after a person's life ends. The likelihood of zombies, how people become ghosts and why their spirits stay around. Also due the the woman having poor internet and an even p

When I Grow Up (Ep. 3)
May 28, 2021

A couple of ignorant and dull-witted nincompoops narrate their plans for the future as their years of not paying taxes come to an end. Everything from forethought life long schedules and the wish of pursing a life living with birds on a farm are emphasize

The Scholastic Recap (Ep. 2)
May 23, 2021

Two dense and witless individuals recount their experiences of the 2020-2021 school year as the final days of their high and middle school year arrive, and feedback from listeners is acknowledged. This is also the first episode edited by none other than o

Philosophy, Loud LoFi, Tangents, & a Birthday (Ep. 1)
May 16, 2021

Disclaimer: During this episode Aubrey and Nich discuss sensitive, controversial, and potentially triggering topics.  Two prepubescent teenagers awake past 2 in the morning with an IQ lower than average room temperature and no concept of how the worl

Introduction (Ep. 0)
May 16, 2021

Introductions on two rather dumb individuals one being being a woman the other being funny talking about how we give our addresses out to people we have known for less than 10 minutes.