Alpha and Omega Leadership

Alpha and Omega Leadership

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Deacon Harry Prim
September 19, 2022

Deacon Harry and I discuss the importance of faithful experience and in being authentic when teaching the faith to others. Deacon Harry is a member of Mt Tabor Lutheran Church in West Columbia, and has recently retired from state work where he connected h

Barret Leviner - F3 Tardy
June 15, 2022

Barret and I talk a lot about equipping our next generation of youth with the tools they need to lead us into the future; that a lot of F3 talk about the importance of community and relationship building inside and outside the church. Come check out F3-Ta

Ben Taylor - F3 GreenJeans
June 07, 2022

GreenJeans and I talk about faithful leadership, and the positive benefit of groups like F3 on a persons life: mind, body, and spirit. Hear how F3 has changed he and I, along with hundreds of of people worldwide. 

Vicar Isaac Taylor
May 18, 2022

Vicar Isaac Taylor and I spoke this week about the future of Christian Education, the preaching process, University of Tennessee Swimming, and our life and death in Christ. We had lots of laughs but got very serious about our unified call to share the gos

Rev Dr Jonathan Bundon
October 18, 2021

Pastor Jonathan, Music Minister of First Baptist of King's Mountain, and I talk about the power of music within the life of worship. Music shapes culture, reveals the Holy Spirit's presence, and touches us in ways that draw us closer to God. Leading peopl

Rev. Ralph Hill
October 11, 2021

Pastor Ralph Hill, from Mt Horeb Lutheran Church in Chapin, SC and I talk about the Leadership for Faithful Innovation initiative through the ELCA. Its a return to a Biblical mission and a call for God's people to dwell in the Word, as we reframe and reth

Deacon Mandi Whitley
September 13, 2021

Deacon Mandi and I discuss her role as a called and ordained Deacon at Trinity Lutheran Church in Greenville, SC. There she works to develop faith within the youth and young adults of her Church as she looks forward to the highlight of her ministry, the N

Dr. Mary Davis
September 06, 2021

Dr. Davis and I talk about leadership through vocation and calling, and how our lives are testimonies to God's presence in this world. The "I'm trying" model, of trying and failing and trying again, is a testament to God's grace and love for God's people.

Rev. Jesse Canniff-Kuhn
August 24, 2021

Rev. Jesse Canniff-Kuhn, Campus pastor for both the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary and University of South Carolina, and I talk about what ministry on college and seminary campuses look like and the need for faith formation to happen within these

Rev. Megan Lineberger
August 18, 2021

Pastor Megan and I talk about the mental health of God's people, and the ways we have found in common to address our mental health during this pandemic. We are all struggling with what to do during this difficult time, and I appreciate Pastor Megan's will