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The Power of Choice
April 18, 2021

Genesis chapter 2. Discussing more about the creation, now more focused on man. We talk about free will and of the power of choice. Why did God plant the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, when He knew man would eat from it? Are we supposed to work?

His Image, Not Animals
April 12, 2021

Genesis 2. We discuss more about the creation, about rest and why God rested after creation. Should we feel guilty for resting? What is so special about man and making man? What does it mean that we are ¨the image of God¨? Are we animals? Do animals have

Potential Before the Expectation
March 05, 2021

Genesis 1:14-31 In this episode, we go through the rest of the first chapter of Genesis, discussing about the dominion given to man, the variety, the potential and uniqueness in creation and us. Is everything God created good? Did God create Cannabis?

Let There Be Light
February 13, 2021

Genesis 1:3-13. We continue with Genesis chapter one and the creation. In this episode, we talk about God's water system, the new light and the potential in everything created. Discover yours.

In the Beginning
February 03, 2021

In the first episode of Kalusian Podcast, we go to the beginning of the beginning. We discuss and share our deeper thoughts and insights on Genesis 1:1-2. What happened before the beginning began? What does the beginning reveal to us about God and our tim