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New Years Resolution??
January 10, 2022

This episode I get the chance to speak with a good friend Darrow. We talk about New Our new years resolution, Biggest mistakes of making a new year resolution. Take a moment to listen and understand the biggest mistakes of making a new year resolution! Th

December 20, 2021

Details coming soon...

I Listened...
October 31, 2021

Many of us work very hard, and we tend to forget about ourselves, but remember, you deserve to take time to rest. Taking a break is not bad. Sometimes all you need is to press the reset button to continue and do it better. I am the type of person who like

What do you want to?
October 24, 2021

Never sit around waiting for things to happen. This week, I opened my emails again and began to read your questions. Many are personal, and others are about entrepreneurship; they all have something in common: Getting started—whatever it may be, a new sta

Achieving Your Dreams!
October 17, 2021

We all have a goal, we all have a dream but, have you already started working on achieving it? In the beginning, we find ourselves lost on how to start working to achieve what we want—whatever it is, business, entrepreneurship, weight loss, a healthier l

Where Have You Been?
October 11, 2021

"Where Have You Been?" This is the question that I have received the most in the last few weeks, but don't worry, I'm back! As many of you know, I am a mother and an entrepreneur, and it can be exhausting, but every effort is worth it. Due to family diffi

I Heard You..
July 30, 2021

A Q&A is a wondrous way to create a relationship between host and listener. In addition, it allows us to be more vulnerable with our audience and show them those parts of our lives that perhaps they did not know. During this episode, I invited you—my fabu

Episode 3: Forgivness
May 24, 2021

Forgiveness is easy to say but is way more difficult to give it. We all have a story and inner wounds to heal, and if we do not deal with our wounds on time, they will become deeper and hardest to heal over the years. Today, I am here to talk to you about

Stop making excuses, and start taking responsibility for your actions.
May 11, 2021

Excuses keep us stuck, take us away from our personal and working growth, even from our goals. They become a weight on our shoulders that each time becomes heavier due to the unfinished work and accumulated activities. In this episode, I want to invite yo

Episode 1- Welcome
May 05, 2021

Welcome to the first episode of The Donut Social Podcast. This is not an average podcast. The Donut Social Podcast is your safe environment, full of fun. Each episode will be gasoline for your motivation. The Donut Social Podcast is about fashion, beauty,