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I still have a Perfect Bracket!
March 24, 2021

3 weeks worth of free agency, the Arenado trade, I still have a perfect March Madness Bracket! sike it's a crazy bracket though.

NFC Best
March 03, 2021

My thoughts on JJ Watt, Russell Wilson, Alex Smith, and the right way to rebuild. The Celtics are tanking and spring is here for baseball fans.

The End of ...
February 24, 2021

Tebow's Time has come, Wentzlvania is no more, Saunders has been hit by the snap, and Franchise tags maybe some fans' only savior.

Playoff Pushes and PreSeasons
February 17, 2021

JJ Watt is released, Von Miller could be kicked to the curb, The Celtics are flailing, and my favorite season is just around the corner-- Baseball season.

Superbowls and Bauer Outages
February 10, 2021

I recap the Superbowl and NFL Honors for 2021, I also talk about Bauer to the Dodgers and a little about the DH and Spring training 2021

Superbowl, Tampa Bay, Dodgers Offseason
February 02, 2021

I talk about the upcoming Superbowl LV, the historic year in sports for the city of Tampa Bay, and about the Dodgers offseason moves (or lack of them)