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MOMPowered Episode 5: On Her Unconventional Road to Pregnancy & Changing Her Birth Plan in the Middle of Labor with Julie Lauscher
June 21, 2021

MOMPowered Episode 5: IVF Pregnancy Journey with Julie Lauscher On this week’s episode I chat with Julie, a stay at home mama of 1, who used her postpartum depression as an outlet to start her beautiful shop @littlefawnhandmade

MOMPowered Episode 4: Comparing an OB Birth & a Midwife Birth with Cyndi Ray
May 19, 2021

MOMPowered Episode 4:Comparing an OB Birth & a Midwife Birth with Cyndi Ray On this week’s episode I chat with Cyndi, teacher, future @rowhouseutc trainer & mom of 2. We dive deep into the differences between her first birth with an OB & Doul

MOMPowered Episode 3: On Being a First Time Mama with Twins & Finding Her Way Back to Fitness Postpartum with Haylee Brown
May 12, 2021

MOMPowered Episode 3: FTM of Twins & Postpartum Fitness with Haylee Brown On this week’s episode I chat with @hayleecbrown, first time mom of twins, & a fitness coach, about being pregnant with twins, coping with the stress that comes with having

MOMPowered Episode 2: On Staying Out of the NICU, Brain Aneurysm Surgery & Other Postpartum Struggles with Kelsey Gunn
May 03, 2021

MOMPowered Episode 2: Postpartum Conversations with Kelsey Gunn Listen in to this week’s episode of MOMPowered where I talk with @kelseyy.gunn, a mom of 1 (soon to be 3 as she is pregnant with twins!) & fellow pre & postnatal fitness specialist,

MOMPowered Episode 1: My Birth Story
April 26, 2021

For moms, by moms.  I wanted to start by opening my heart, and sharing my own birth story with everyone. I figured if I'm asking women to tell their story, I had to start with my own. Listen in to find out why I never got into the birthing tub, and h

MOMPowered Trailer
April 14, 2021

For moms, by moms.  Each week I'll feature a mama's story focusing on pregnancy, birth, or postpartum. As you listen to each woman speak, my wish is that it empowers more of you to listen to your gut in pregnancy, make choices for yourself in your la