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The Felon Podcast

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Part 2 | William Johnson | Thomas Schwarz Investigation
June 27, 2022

The murder of Thomas Schwarz 3 us military men, & a Swiss CEO of a company create a plot to torture a man who owed the Swiss CEO money. things went terribly wrong

Part 1 | Forrest County Deputy Turned Hitman| He Did What In The Netherlands?
January 21, 2022

William Lyle Johnson and the murder of Thomas Schwarz in the Netherlands. Should he really be charged if all he did was sit in the car? Did this plan go completely awry?

Intimate Partner Homicide| MS | ADRIENNE KLASKY
May 23, 2021

Adrienne Klasky | intimate partner homicide | Jackson county MS | if you or someone you know is in a domestic violence relationship seek help. 1.800.799.7233

Executed But Innocent? | Larry Matthew Puckett | Petal Mississippi
September 14, 2020

in Petal, Mississippi, a vicious, and seemingly senseless attack, and murder rocks 2 familes. No one can believe the heartless nature of the whole thing, A crazy story, all around!! Who murdered Rhond