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Haram Guy | Dauood Naimyar | Public Yemeni #105 w/ Mike Eshaq
July 04, 2023

My guest today is my homie, the hilarious Dauood Naimyar. He recently taped a Comedy Central stand-up set in February and can next be seen in Comedy Central’s TALES FROM THE TRIP. Last year, Dauood was just a New Face at Just For Laughs 2022. Dauood’s com

Getting JACKED! | Nick Simmons | Public Yemeni #104 w/ Mike Eshaq
June 30, 2023

My guess today is my friend and hilarious comedian, Nick Simmons. He's a NY native standup comic and Podcaster. As seen on Amazon Prime, E! Network and Sirius XM. He tours nationwide and is a regular at all the clubs in NYC and Los Angeles. He’s also

Why is Florida Crazy?! | Mandy Martino | Public Yemeni #103 w/ Mike Eshaq
June 23, 2023

My guest is my friend Mandy Martino. She's a stand-up comedian, writer, and actress, from South Florida. Her comedy journey began during college at SAKs Comedy Lab and The Orlando Improv while getting her Bachelors Degree at The University of Central

Bacon vs Islam #5: Kazeem Rahman | Martha Stewart, CHAT GPT | Public Yemeni #102 w/ Mike Eshaq
May 24, 2023

My buddy Kazeem Rahman and myself have a great phone call about Martha Stewart being on the cover of Sports Illustrated and how to properly utilize the power of CHAT GPT.Sit down with your favorite comedian and filmmaker Mike Eshaq from REVOLT TV, Comedy

[Greatest Hits!] Ask a Porn Star! | Silvia Saige & Jordy Stroud | from Public Yemeni #24 w/ Mike Eshaq
May 17, 2023

My guest this week is my friend, the hilarious and sexy Silvia Saige! She's a hilarious standup comedian and a professional porn star. Also, Jordy Stroud (from ep. 22), a standup comedian who I think watches too much porn and hasn't hit on a wom

Chat GPT 2024 | Mike Ball | Public Yemeni #101 w/ Mike Eshaq
May 11, 2023

Had a great podcast with my friend Mike Ball.  We talked about how Chat GPT was able to fool a human, the art of being grateful, whether God is real or not and how to make a threesome happen. My guest this week is my friend and hilarious comedian Mike Bal

He Rap Rap | Justin Hires | Public Yemeni #100 w/ Mike Eshaq
April 13, 2023

For my 100th episode I got us a rising star own the podcast. My friend Justin Hires. He can be seen playing BOZER in the CBS reboot of MACGYVER. His past credits include starring as DETECTIVE CARTER in the CBS action/comedy RUSH HOUR, portraying JUARIO in

Comedy Club Confessions | Jack Assadourian | Public Yemeni #99 w/ Mike Eshaq
April 11, 2023

My guest today is the hilarious Jack Assadourian. Jack has been seen on the Arsenio Hall show for the NETFLIX IS A JOKE FESTIVAL 2022, Amazon "Laugh After Dark 2022” and the Amazon Documentary "Make America Laugh Again". He was the 2019 fin

Must be Aliens! | Justin Herman | Public Yemeni #98 w/ Mike Eshaq
February 23, 2023

Justin is a globe trotting television producer and standup comedian. Justin brings a unique international perspective to stand up through which he can talk about his experiences, the world and why he'd rather go to prison in Norway than live in Alaba

Hip Hop Head | Jeremy Scippio | Public Yemeni #97 w/ Mike Eshaq
February 22, 2023

My guest today is my friend, hilarious comedian and Door Guy at the World Famous Comedy Store, Jeremy Scippio. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio and a lifelong student of comedy. Jeremys' experience is reflected in his recognition within the industry, inc