Youth Diaries

Youth Diaries

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Post Pandemic Self Health
May 31, 2022

The Pandemic has been full of ups and downs for all of us but somewhere it has also taught us a lot! Tune in to the youth diaries special episode to hear similar conversations with Mrs. Ami Mediratta, where they discuss post-pandemic self-care.

Dil Dosti Diaries
August 27, 2021

In the 4th episode of Youth Diaries, our Speakers Jisha, Pratiksha and Sejal talk about a type of relationship which we all have experienced-Friendship! In this delightful conversation, the three friends discuss the value of friendship, the impact of the

Changing Pedagogy
July 27, 2021

‘Changing Pedagogy’ 3rd episode of Youth Diaries, our Co-Host Jisha converses with Rakshita who conducts English Classes for KurNiv Foundation’s Pehchaan initiative.  Tune into this wholesome conversation on Spotify where we explore a Youth For Youth

Online Education - The New Normal?
June 27, 2021

We all experienced the storm of the 2020 pandemic in different watercraft. While some were in boats and ships, there were some who were clinging, just to a log of wood. In this episode, 3 friends open up about the Online Learning scenario. How do we all s

What's Next?
January 24, 2021

What's Next? Is the one question that lingers in all our minds but the fact is that we don't have the answer and the uncertainty can leave us excited as well as apprehensive. In this episode, 3 friends open up about the thoughts and emotions that they exp