Bropartisan Hacks

Bropartisan Hacks

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BroPartisan Hacks #10 - Unprepared Bros discuss HR1, also 4hr Justice Leage worth watching.
April 22, 2021

Zac Snyder's Justice League was great.  You should watch it.     Also, Rob thinks HR1 is terrible, and other stuff.

BroPartisan Hacks #11 - New Logo! Recent shootings, Anti-Asian attacks, and GA voting bill
April 22, 2021

We're excited to finally have a real logo; aren't we so cool!?  We quickly make fun of Cruz and his recent antics.    California high schoolers praying to Aztec Gods, required for graduation?

BroPartisan Hacks #9 - More Union stuff, this time with CHART, Rhys gives his advice to Incels
March 16, 2021

We had a whole bunch lined up to talk about, but wound up discussing a proposal regarding Union membership from the US House and other related things.    Then Rhys gives his 'foolproof' plan to getting laid for the Incel crowd.

BroPartisan Hacks #8 -Texas mask mandate, individual rights, Gov Cuomo sucks, Trans outcomes
March 09, 2021

The Brothers discuss the lifting of the Texas mask Mandate.    Positive Rights vs. Negative Rights (Rob can't stay on topic)  How many sexual assault allegations does it take to ruin a Democratic Governor?  What is the right way t

BroPartisan Hacks #6 - Texas blackout, Rob talks about what broke the grid
March 09, 2021

Texas freezing blackout.  What led to the power loss, why did it happen, and what happens now?

BroPartisan Hacks #5 - Rob loses it over Bank of America, Bros discuss 1619 Project, and Dave Ramsey
February 15, 2021

Gina Carano, Impeachment, Flippy ROAR, 1619 Project.   We bounced around quite a bit this time.

BroPartisan Hacks #4 - Medicare 4 All, Re-opening schools
February 10, 2021

The Bros rehash an argument they've been having for years; Medicare for all. We move on from there to briefly touch on different aspects of Communism under the Soviet Union and wind up talking about Re-opening schools.

BroPartisan Hacks - #3 - GameStop thoughts and $15 minimum wage
February 04, 2021

We discuss what we did and didn't do in regards to the stock market kerfuffle, then we spend the rest of the time arguing about the minimum wage.

BroPartisan Hacks - #2 - Full. Our political activation, YouGov poll reaction, and current BLM
February 04, 2021

We catch up in the first 6 minutes or so; talk about Rhys not sleeping and breaking himself. Then we review what made us currently active within each of our own political circles. YouGov/ABC poll regarding what 54% of Americans view as the biggest threat

BroPartisan Hacks Ep. 1
February 04, 2021

Two brothers decide to start a channel to discuss politics, policy and current events.