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Watermalones Dynasty Podcast

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2022 Rookie Draft Grades - Part 2
July 04, 2022

Alex is back as we delve into the deeper cuts of the NFL draft and review the outlooks and prospects for the remaining picks of our 2022 rookie draft. If your guy wasn't mentioned in Part 1, I can almost guarantee they were mentioned in Part 2. Can someon

2022 Rookie Draft Grades - Part 1
June 20, 2022

What's that? A two-parter? Yeah. Alex joins the podcast to dive in-depth into each and every pick of our rookie draft and we dish out some grades like that teacher you used to think was hot in high school. You know the one. In this episode we cover the bo

2022 Dynasty 2-Round Rookie Mock Draft
May 02, 2022

Should these titles be more clickbait? It does what it says. Drew and I react to the NFL Draft, the landing spots, and how we think the first two rounds of our rookie mock draft will go. You can listen to us and make good picks or don't and pick Kene Nwan

2021 Big Board Recap + 2022 Prospect Evaluation w/ Owen
April 25, 2022

In this late-starting, first episode of the 2022 season of the Watermalones Dynasty Podcast, Owen joins to evaluate our hot takes from our pre-NFL draft 2021 prospect big board and we discuss our thoughts on the 2022 draft class before this week's NFL dra

Grading the 2021 Watermalones Dynasty Rookie Draft
May 24, 2021

I spend a lonesome hour ranting to myself about how the 2021 Watermalones Rookie Draft went and give out my grades over the biggest steals (and worst picks) of the draft. The worst pick shouldn't surprise anyone, but where will Pat finish? Who are the few

2021 Watermalones Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft
May 07, 2021

A quick-fire first-round mock draft to sow doubt into the minds of everyone blessed enough to have a first round pick. I go into why the #4 pick might be the most cursed pick for Faris, why Laith is blessed to be at #9, and why Alex's pick at #12 has the

Watermalones Dynasty Podcast Episode 8: Collin AKA Front Office
April 29, 2021

Our champion finally joins us to discuss his immensely successful season. He touches on what the Ravens will do with their two first-round picks, why Owen beating him in redraft is still a sore subject, and why Fortnite was a gaming phenomenon that will n

Watermalones Dynasty Podcast Episode 7: Jordan AKA JordanCams's Team
April 27, 2021

Jordan joins us this week, mere days before the draft, to talk about why the Jets will never do anything great, how he was directly involved in the formation of the European Super League, and what he's praying for more than anything over the coming months

Watermalones Dynasty Podcast Episode 6: Owen AKA Off-The-Wallers, Basketball Gun Brawlers
April 23, 2021

Owen joins us a week before the draft to tell us why Trey Lance is the next league superstar, why Justin Fields is better than Trevor Lawrence, and why bootleg DVDs at Pacific Mall might just get you a Toronto girl.

Watermalones Dynasty Podcast Episode 5: Drew AKA Huntin' for Some Tuddies
April 07, 2021

After a long delay, the podcast is back (and outdated) with Drew who joins us from his roadtrip to discuss the overall QB situation in the league, the Deshaun Watson situation, and whether he thinks it's time to get married to his pandemic girlfriend.