The Red Pill TQ Podcast

The Red Pill TQ Podcast

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TQ 165 - Jacob Wiggins
October 06, 2021

Jacob is your spirit guide to fully automating sales development. This 007 drinks his own champagne when it comes to tech stack optimization with the power of Rightbound. 

TQ 165 - Rob Turley
June 04, 2021

Rob Turley, "AI is my sword. Sales data is my shield. The AI Revolution has begun. Arm yourselves, brothers and sisters for thou shall sell as no one has sold before." Rob takes us down the rabbit hole of psychographic data, dispelling myths, and challeng

TQ 165 - Mark Shalinsky
April 29, 2021

On this episode, JM talks blended tech stacks and Revenue Operations strategy to optimize with Mark Shalinsky, a key pillar in the TQ Syndicate, Chief Optimization Officer at Data Sales Science. Mark is the guy you bring in to make Salesforce talk to Outr