The Chris Baker Podcast

The Chris Baker Podcast

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The Man at Arms Show 6_30
June 30, 2023

A New show from Outlaw Streamers with Trevor Thrasher a retired US Army Green Beret, OGA AntiTerror Contractor and police officer. We all have opinions about what is happening in the world but Trevor

Chris Baker Show 6_28
June 28, 2023

CWS, Obama gets Schooled, and Pridemania
June 26, 2023

The College World Series wraps up, Obama gets schooled and take a look at this Pride madness.

Hold the Line Interview Officer Jeff Kopietz
June 10, 2023

Kopietz is a team leader who serves with the U.S. Marshals District of Nebraska's Metro Fugitive Task Force. During his time on the task force, the team has arrested 13,700 violent criminals, the OPD

St George Floyd Day, Target Doubles Down on Satan, Rick Schroder Exposes Hollywood, a Guy Breaks His Weiner in 3 Places
May 26, 2023

George Floyd day is upon us, Target doubles down on their Pride-wear, and Rick Schroder exposes Hollywood.

Pillen hits the bullseye, Target backpedals and Dodgers sign Satan as a Free Agent
May 24, 2023

Nebraska Govorner Jim Pillen hits the nail on the head 5 months into his first term, Target's LGBTQIA Pride clothes seem to have a tie to a Satanist, and Dodgers bring on a new free agent.

Predict the Dem 2024 Campaign Prediction, Your Kids Aren_t Yours, Archie Has A Tranny, Mu
May 19, 2023

Chris makes 2024 Democrat campaign predictions, the progressives continue to try and errode the family unite, and why do murders get all the hotties?

Child Carvers Gone Wild, Sorority with a Tranny, & Parents Worried School Grooming 5 Year Old's
May 17, 2023

The battle heats up in Lincoln, Nebraska as the fight to protect minor children heats up, a sororiety is sue due to a transgender member, and is another school grooming young children?