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94: How To Set Boundaries In A Filipino Family
May 28, 2023

As Filipinos, we are raised to have close family ties. But what if closeness becomes intrusive? Listen as our internet ates Ayn and Rizza share their own experiences on setting boundaries with the people we love the most--our family.

93: How To Not Believe Everything You See Online
May 21, 2023

Social media can either be a friend or a foe. As fake news and disinformation have become rampant, what are the ways to become more vigilant in believing what you see online? In this episode, Rizza and Ayn talk about how to not believe everything that we

92: How To Survive College
May 14, 2023

College is probably one of the best but most challenging chapters of our lives--from finishing course requirements, building relationships, and being prepared for life's bigger tests. How did Ayn and Rizza survive their college days? Listen as our int

91: How to make your work work for you?
May 07, 2023

With the advent of quiet-quitting, rage applying, and romanticizing overworking, how does one keep up with her job and survive the corporate world? For this episode, Ayn and Rizza look back at their employee days and reminisce how they made their work wor

90: Sustaining Fitness Habits
April 30, 2023

Ayn and Rizza started 2023 by being more detailed about their fitness goals and staying faithful to their fitness habits. In this episode, they share how they have been sustaining these habits such as the programs they take, the workouts they do, and the

89: The Beautiful and Not-So Beautiful Side of Pageantry
April 23, 2023

It's pageant season again as Miss Universe Philippines is set to happen soon. For this episode, let's relieve and discover some of Ayn's experiences when she joined Miss Universe Philippines in 2021 as Rizza asks her about the beautiful and no

88: How To Stop Settling For Less?
April 16, 2023

At some point, we all wish to get what we deserve in all aspects of life. But due to some circumstances, there are times when we choose to settle for less. In this episode, your internet ates Rizza and Ayn give some tips and share their experiences how ca

87: What Makes A Woman Influential?
April 09, 2023

The words "goals," "life peg," and "influence" can easily be associated with anyone on social media today. For this episode, Rizza and Ayn tackle their thoughts on what makes a woman influential together with the editors of C

86: How Can You Say You’re Really Happy?
April 05, 2023

"How happy are you today?" is one question we always get asked. As expected, we have different answers. But how can one really say that she is truly, genuinely happy? Ayn and Rizza ponder on this question and weigh down on things that can truly

85: Planning The Best Revenge Travel
March 26, 2023

They say that 2023 is the year of "revenge travel!" People are so excited to go back to travelling now that the pandemic is almost over and borders are already open. But how do you make sure that your "revenge travel" is worth it? Wher