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FAST X is full of thrills, style, and nonsense! - Forever Fast Podcast #33
June 05, 2023

Why would Cipher suddenly want to protect Dom and his family? Why did Jakob sacrifice himself when he could have simply fired the cannons at the oncoming enemy or arranged to hop in Dom's car? How did Dante and crew get those bombs on the dam so quick

Fast X Trailer #2 review - Forever Fast Podbit #6
April 22, 2023

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The fate of Mr. Nobody - Forever Fast Podbit #5
March 28, 2023

With Tess being revealed to be Mr. Nobody's daughter, I hope this will help explain his fate during the events of F9 aboard the plane. Was he thrown out of the plane by Jakob or Cipher, held captive at the Hatfield House or elsewhere? I wonder if she&

Keanu, Burr & Sandler audition for Fast 11 villain!
March 25, 2023

Was improving some impressions and the hype around John Wick 4 inspired the Keanu audition for the villain in FF11 (was reported that Vin wants RDJ for the role), and I had written a Bill Burr bit about his role in Star Wars (Mandalorian) so that got me t

Too Fast, Too Curious - Forever Fast Podbit #4
March 23, 2023

Still bothers me how Dom outsmarted Cipher in Fate, the F9 trailers spoiling everything, will the Nobody-saga be wrapped up in 10 or 11? I talk about how I thought X was originally going to go down, with that Han & Deckard credits scene in F9. Differe

We saw Hobbs killed during first Fast X trailer?! - Forever Fast Podbit #3
March 23, 2023

Theory #3 - Wanna bet that was Hobbs in the armored truck that Dante blows up? I'm sure we'll find out if he witnessed Hobbs killing Hernan Reyes or not. A simple takedown like this would lead me to believe that Dante thinks Dom & Brian killed

Cipher is Tess?! - Forever Fast Podbit #2
March 23, 2023

Theory #2... Cipher pulls a Mission: Impossible on us. The "you gotta be kidding me" line from Letty could factor into this making sense. Cipher funds Dante's revenge, and insists that little Brian be taken again, and that Dom be put down fo

Dom will fake his death in Fast X - Forever Fast Podbit #1
March 23, 2023

Theory #1 from yours truly. Dominic will suffer the same circumstances as Dante at the end of the movie, being left for dead in the water. I think he'll arrange for Tess to shoot him- activating the blood packs, and fall into the water. I think Dante

Why Brian O'Conner has to return in Fast X - Forever Fast Podclip #1
March 06, 2023

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All Roads Lead To X - Forever Fast Podcast #32
February 22, 2023

The first official trailer and Superbowl Spot dropped earlier this month, and there's alot to cover. Lots more speculation, theories, and more! Louis and team definitely delivered on the trailer for Fast X. The connection to Fast Five leads me to think we