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10. hello this fresh grad lyfe~
November 10, 2021

hello everyone - hope you’re all well!! it’s been some time (a lot of time) since i last uploaded. i have been going through changes, ups and downs, and mostly struggling. BUT i’m slowly realizing that i can’t really wait for life to get better to live, i

9. a chat on courage & confidence
June 30, 2021

hi friends! we're back again with another episode - this week i rambled on things about courage, confidence and being brave, featuring my rant on the fear for mothers day and 一個人太耐的後遺症 hehe. life is hard but i know we can all do it! HWAITING <3 Faith s

8. our personality analysis - ft. heebs!
June 25, 2021

hi friends! i'm finally back with another podcast after this unexpectedly long break - it has almost made me forgot the joy of recording and editing podcasts. the world has changed so much and sometimes it's just hard to live life; anyways, i'm glad that

7. sharing on productivity tips!
April 18, 2021

hi guys! this week i finally had something different to offer - genuine productivity advice!! HAHA don't worry - it's not from me (the biggest procrastinator) but instead, a summary of the SkillShare course "Productivity for Creators - Starting a Successf

6. my struggles with timezones :(
March 20, 2021

hi guys! i’m back with another podcast on daily struggles this week - TIMEZONES!! been living on the edge and spreading myself too thin; tune in and listen to my angry (tired) rant on some first world problems and my one tip at last on feeling better HAHA

5. about my bsc!
March 09, 2021

more on studying in the UK - a long (bit rambling) podcast walking through my (happy though rather unproductive) bsc years! BUT everything's good and meant to be - don't worry and always look forward!:)  background music: rm tokyo lofi ver. - Smyang

4. my happiness and sadness
February 26, 2021

analyzing my current happiness and sadness - it helps and gayau everyone! xx (oh email me too!) background music: Fix You (Lofi Hip Hop/Relaxing Beat) - Formal Chicken (Lofi Fruits Music)

3. my interesting (but failed) driving test experience
February 25, 2021

apologies for the lack of presence, been busy being miserable:( BUT here i am with my failed driving test plus a book recommendation for the week (PLEASE read The Defining Decade by Meg Jay - it's super good); one more thing, i'll spend some effort on spe

2. little updates and thoughts
January 23, 2021

thoughts on uncertainty and comparison, try fixing a schedule (and hopefully life), plus some tiny 厭世 rants! background music: bts euphoria lofi ver. (re-edit) - Smyang Piano

1. hello everyone!
December 30, 2020

an introduction to the podcast, a review of 2020 and my expectations for 2021! background music: bts serendipity lofi ver. - Smyang Piano