24 Hour Teaching

24 Hour Teaching

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Episode 6: Episode #6: Traditions
December 02, 2019

Traditions. For some people they are exciting, and motivational. For others, they are stressful and a constant reminder of what is coming. How do you feel about traditions? Do you have a favorite?

Episode 5: Episode #5: Moving? With Kids?
August 18, 2019

I recently moved closer to my job, and my husbands job also. We upgraded our home in size, which was much needed for our sanity. Our hard work, and a little luck, have made us a very happy family. The process was not easy, and at times stressful and overw

Episode 4: Episode #4: Life with Special Needs
May 27, 2019

Today I am interviewing a co-worker and friend. Gretchen is an active mother of three children and works in Special Education at the same public elementary school as I. Her experience working in healthcare, business and education are her foundation to adv

Episode 3: Episode #3: "We are all the product of our experiences in life. The good, the bad, the ugly.”
March 05, 2019

Have you recently learned you are pregnant, and teaching is not an option? Or maybe you can't imagine being with other children, when someone else is watching your own? I did not, and will not have the luxury to stay home with my children. I am a working

Episode #2: "How do you avoid burnout?"
February 10, 2019

Parent burnout is exhausting. You know what is even more exhausting? When parent burnout AND teacher burnout happen at the SAME time!

Episode 1: Episode #1: "What makes me happy?"
January 27, 2019

"Be proud of your excellence, nobody else has it."