Real Estate 4 Real People

Real Estate 4 Real People

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How to spot a greedy agent - - - and avoid them!
April 26, 2021

One of the biggest problems in real estate is avoiding agents who just don't care about you.  This episode focuses on how to spot greedy agents and avoid them at all costs.  There are many key signs but today I'm going over the 3 top ones so you

Buying a House suitable for adoption-- the Laura and Michael T story
April 19, 2021

Laura and Michael were unsuccessful in selling their home with another agent until they found us.  But when we asked the right questions we totally invested in why adopting another child was important to them and how that house they were buying neede

The number 1 way agents mess up
April 12, 2021

it's sad that agents don't know how to cimmunicate. How can you find an agent who will communicate the way that you need them to? Check out this episode for the reasons they don't communicate or why you might want to fire them if they dont meet this very

Why should you buy or sell now?
April 05, 2021

Not everyone should buy or sell right now. In this episode I go over who is most important to buy and sell right now and hit a couple strategies to make it successful for you. My name is Kimberly Mann And I'm a licensed Realtor® and Team Leader in Wiscons

Why listen to RE4RP?
March 29, 2021

This podcast is NOT for investors. This podcast is NOT for Real Estate agents. This is for the average consumer. I'm your host Kimberly Mann and if you want to learn more about me then you can find me on Facebook under TAMT Homes @Shorewest Realtors and o

Real Estate 4 Real People (Trailer)
September 10, 2020

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