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Director Talks

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Director Talks with Mollie Leivars
February 05, 2023

Today in conversation with a talented young filmmaker from Kent, UK Mollie Leivars. She is the founder of Spirit Production Company. She has been making short films since 2019, mostly surrounding youth issues, that have been used in schools and colleges a

Director Talks with Phil Hawkins
January 16, 2023

Today in conversation with maverick film director Phil Hawkins. He rose to fame with multiple award winning sci-fi fan film Star Wars: Origin Pitched to Universal and made the heart warming Christmas story - Prancer A Christmas Tale starring Oscar-nominee

Director Talks with John Mossman
November 30, 2022

Today in conversation with actor, director and writer John Mossman about his new #film Good Guy with a Gun. We discuss the controversial #guncontrol and #gunviolence in the US. The film is an intense drama/thriller and provokes the question "what side of

Director Talks with Cynthia Breed
April 08, 2022

#filmfestivaledition Today in conversation with the talented #producer of the #shortfilm Under a Bad Moon Cynthia Breed. Under a Bad Moon is #officialselection for the #MCFF - MorArt Creative Film Festival and will be streamed on the ROKUTV channel - Crea

Director Talks with Louise B Andersen
April 06, 2022

Today in conversation with a talented #filmmaker Louise B Andersen. She has professionally studied filmmaking at New York - NYU School of Professional Studies. She has worked on several projects worldwide and today we discuss about her new #book on #remot

Director Talks with Mal Williamson
March 28, 2022

#filmfestivaledition #directortalkspodcast Today in conversation with maverick #filmmaker and #director Mal Williamson. Mal is an experienced independent filmmaker from UK. He has directed and executed many projects including #shortfilms, #minidocumentari

Director Talks with Dean Simone
March 25, 2022

Today in conversation with actor, producer, writer and filmmaker Dean Simone. Dean is a veteran film and television actor. He has starred in many of TV’s greatest series including FACTS OF LIFE, #NYPD BLUE and #GOLIATH to name a few.  Dean has also a

Director Talks with Doug Stebleton
March 24, 2022

Today in conversation with multi-talented musician, filmmaker and producer Doug Stebleton. He came to Hollywood at age 19 and has lived and worked in southern California since then. His expertise is music publishing for #film and #television. His company

Director Talks with Mike L Murphy
November 29, 2021

Today in conversation with a #hollywood maverick #animationdirector Mike L. Murphy who's career spans for 15 years with big projects such as #lordoftherings, #fastandthefurious, #harrypotter, #ironman and the #underworld to name a few. He has worked as an

Director Talks with Yoni Tzafrir
September 27, 2021

Today in conversation with the #founder and CEO of Newsly App - Yoni Tzafrir. Yoni began his journey of creating the most unique #listener app last year. Newsly curates the most #trendigntopics #articles and #podcasts from around the world to give a perso