MILLI TALK hosted by Paris Millionaire

MILLI TALK hosted by Paris Millionaire

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Marketing Monday Ep 1: 8 step Formula to launching a Digital Product online in the next 30 days
December 19, 2022

 In this episode P.Milli Discusses how you can launch a digital Product and create a digital business  online in the next 30 days that can generate you 10k+ a month.  Don't sleep on this digital product money ! Lets Win Millionaire Society

Opinions Don't Pay the Bills Ep:5- Hosted Live W/: Paris Millionaire
December 13, 2022

In this episode P.Milli @Pariscouture on Twitter talks about the importance of blocking out the opinions of others. She talks about how when trying to go to the next level listening to opinions will hinder you from going to new levels of success. Sometime

Blocking Out The Noise On Social Media Ep #4 : W/ Paris Millionaire Live
December 04, 2022

In Episode  P.Milli  discusses ( twitter @Pariscouture) why it's important to block out the noise from social media. Going into the the new year you must get focused on your vision and not pay attention to what's going on around you. If you wan

Episode #3 : Pushing Through The Pain - Tribute Episode for Tameka Sanchez Rest In Power
March 06, 2022

In this Episode Paris Millionaire reflects on beautiful life of a dear friend that recently passed away by the name of Tameka Sanchez. Paris talks about how you can use Pain to redefine your purpose in life and mission. This tragedy has given Paris fresh

Episode #2 : New Year & New Millionaires On The Way
January 21, 2021

In this Episode Paris Millionaire discusses getting clear on your vision for 2021, How she's currently overcoming adversity, and how more Millionaires will be created in 2021. Milli Gem: Successful people become professionals at overcoming adversity. Your

September 11, 2020

I created this motivational audio, when I was the break of giving up on Real Estate Wholesaling.  I told myself I must continue to visualize myself at the finish line.  Once I started to listen to this audio everyday, It trained my subconscious