Tools 4 Life with TC

Tools 4 Life with TC

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Alternative Ways to Enhance Your Love
March 28, 2023

Be prepared to hear nontraditional, controversial but true approaches and methods in order to enhance... your love life.

The Mental Health Crisis
March 23, 2023

With EMDR Mental Health Practitioner Nina Maron and BET Reaction Content Creator Glen @reactioncontent. For Nina, go to

Drinking Water 101
January 31, 2023

Liquid discussion, take notes for action moves if you care about your drinking habits. Are you seeking more detailed guidance around water? Book a session with Health Maven Maria Montoya, she with be of great help for you;

1st Book Recommendation
January 03, 2023

Book Recommendation, to the book that started it all for me; enjoy. Shout-out to Kevin Trudeau, Paul Chek & Health Maven Maria Montoya.

The Quiet Drug Affecting Brains
January 02, 2023

Listen, Learn, Share,

The Ultimate Senzu Bean-like Drink ⚡️
July 09, 2022

An answered question for Dragonball Z fans. For Health Maven Coach Maria: For the Juicer:

Don’t be Mental
June 08, 2022

Please do this session in a safe space: anger/sadness, themes include: catharsis, anger, sadness, safe cushion, the randomness of life, danger

Your Fear
June 06, 2022

Shoutout to Muhammad @ For this polish artist @ Themes discussed: Johnny Depp vs Amber, school systems, perfection, mental health,

June 06, 2022

Themes include good, bad men, the devil

Meditation 4 Calmness & Positivity
May 07, 2022

Title is self explanatory; for anyone stressed out, overthinking, going through a negative time, etc. Use this episode with a safe space to recollect yourself.