Filter the Kaapi

Filter the Kaapi

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Episode 13: Kent Tamil Society (Part 2)
April 05, 2021

Welcome back to the final part of our collab with Kent Tamil Society! Here we continue to battle out living in vs living out of London, worried parents when you're out and about and how small the world really is. But seriously, how do Tamils know so many

Episode 12: Kent Tamil Society (Part 1)
March 22, 2021

Join us in our discussion with Kent Tamil Society as we talk about student life outside of London vs inside, ridiculous accommodation prices and clubbing life as a Tamil. Is Canterbury campus really better than Medway? Stay tuned to find out! 

Episode 11: QMUL Tamil Society
March 08, 2021

Join us on our 11th episode where we chat to Queen Mary's TSOC on marriage, caste and if astrology is truly the way forward to find our future partners! It seems like there are truly no differences between Barts and QMUL students after all...  Thank

Episode 10: KCL Tamil Society (Part 2)
February 22, 2021

Join us in Part 2 with the Co-Presidents of King's College London Tamil Society. This one gets real with life advice, making the most of uni, dating, relationships, caste and religion! And don't forget some kaapi that's spilled along the way! 

Episode 9: KCL Tamil Society (Part 1)
February 07, 2021

Join us in conversation with the Co-Presidents of King's College London Tamil Society in a fun-filled experience with various topics discussed from lockdown hobbies, to society/uni struggles and some kaapi that may or may not have been spilt! 

Episode 8: Welcome to 2021!
January 25, 2021

Despite our last podcast, the committee wanted to get together and welcome everyone back to 2021 and university life! Listen to us chat about how us Tamils celebrate our Christmas, what we really think about the vaccine and what we are going to be interca

Episode 7: Sexuality in the Tamil Community
January 11, 2021

Welcome to our first podcast of 2021! In conversation with Gayathiri from Inclusive Tamil Arts, this podcast focuses on sexuality  and how we can open up spaces in our Tamil community to be inclusive for anyone and everyone. As the younger generation

Episode 1: Boiling the Kettle
September 11, 2020

Time to meet the committee, hear the latest gossip and hear us giggle!