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Reparations: A Needed Discussion
June 24, 2023

We experienced two consecutive terms from a Black president but no executive order nor law was enacted to elevate their place in American society despite the wealth that was generated via their ancestors. In this episode, we discuss how reparations should

Men Lie, Women Lie But Numbers Don't?
June 21, 2023

Online dating is here to stay and any stigma related to it was negated by COVID and the lockdown. Once frowned upon and seen as an option for the socially inept it is now the new normal. The question is why besides the pandemic has this happened? I actual

Brothers with Daughters - The Hard Questions
June 03, 2023

Fathers with daughters have a unique and special place in the raising and developing of their daughters. This role is often reduced to simply providing and discipline but it's far more important than that. In this episode, we talk about navigating the

Passport Bros
December 31, 2022

Why are SOME women mad about men going abroad to find the women of their liking? This element of women have dedicated countless hours on social media platforms attacking these men for exercising their choices despite saying they aren't interested in them.

Social Issues with Radio Host Simone Skye
August 23, 2022

My good friend and high school classmate join me again for her take on some serious social issues and gives her take on the topics. We engage in an excellent exchange of dialogue with varying viewpoints. You want to hear this one! Title: "Black Queens" A

The Solution's Origin Story Part 2 feat. Simone Skyye
August 21, 2022

The hilarity of part 1 continues!  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

The Solution's Origin Story Part 1 feat Simone Skyye
August 19, 2022

Everyone has a story about how they reached a certain key moment in life. Well, I too have a story but I didn't venture off into radio and podcasting alone. Nope, I was part of a team that helped me develop this skill. Today's episode will be co-hosted by

Roe v. Wade Repeal
June 26, 2022

The SCOTUS voted to repeal the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling set off a wave of needed and just protests from women and men across the country. States can enact laws to ban or continue to support the repeal or ruling. However, it does appear many states will

Roe v Wade "Draft Proposal" Chaos
May 08, 2022

A leak draft proposal to overturn the landmark Roe v Wade ruling that legalized abortion has caused chaos in public and on social media. Several factions that run deeper than Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life have emerged to take advantage of this potentially tragic

The Solution Offers Solutions
May 05, 2022

For the 5011 time, Delicious Tears does not belong to the "Manosphere" nor Red Pill element of podcasting or any social media platform. Addressing to the dead horse of who's doing what and not doing what is not getting us anywhere. The focus will be place