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The Science Of Affirmations
July 16, 2023

We all want to invite success, good health and positivity. Now science backs the power of affirmations in changing our neural pathways to make our own behaviour more positive, result oriented to walk towards the life we seek. Tune in to how Rachna Chhachh

How the 8 limbs of yoga attract positivity
June 22, 2023

Welcome to Season 2 of Heal with Chhachhi! We start this episode with mind body healing on the occasion of international Yoga Day on June 21. Yoga is a way of life. But it is also a way that can help you reach your dreams faster. Seasoned yoga expert, nut

Visualisation to release toxicity
April 06, 2021

In my last episode, I spoke about Laurence who gave up antidepressants in a jiffy after taking them for 25 years. Many of you have reached out to me asking me how to deal with your own stress and anxiety. Yes, so many of us cannot just walk out on a job,

Giving up antidepressants
March 28, 2021

This is a unique episode where I talk to you about a woman who gave up antidepressants after 25 years of dependency on them. The mind has strange ways of dealing with relationship toxicity. How can you cope with the toxicity? Tune into this episode to und

Your healing corner
March 18, 2021

Why do some people get healthier faster than others? What are some of the habits that helps us get higher immunity, and that amazing calmness quotient? In this episode, certified cancer nutrition coach and nutritional therapist Rachna Chhachhi shares with

Heal With Chhachhi - Promo
September 21, 2020

Don't bow down to your health, low energy, or a compromised career because you are feeling unwell. Heal with Chhachhi[i]helps you understand how to clinically reverse your symptoms and health conditions so that you can live the dream life you want to. Hos