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Safiq’s Corner

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Y’all Want Some Gum?
December 28, 2022

Last episode of the season and the year. Listen to me babble about a conversation or two I’ve been tired of hearing this year.

I’d Rather Be..
August 01, 2022

Which would you rather??…. I’m Just Playinggg, But I’m Saying

Jump Off ‘22
January 05, 2022

Happy New Year, we jumping off the year back in the booth. How we feeling?

2:50am In Philly
September 14, 2021

You guys miss me or you hate me? It’s okay, I missed y’all too. I’ve been away mad long, I’ve lost my touch I fear, but nonetheless, enjoy the life update & allat, lord knows when I’ll be back.

Of Course Im Back
June 13, 2021

Coming out of hiding because couldn’t let the entire month of pride go by without taking some time to speak to my LGBT+ babies. I always miss you guys. How’s everybody been? Learned anything new? Y’all like the new music we got this week? Which type of “g

Issa Another Q&A
March 29, 2021

Ask and ye shall receive, isn’t that what the great book says? Ahhhh, We’re back with episode 8, with another insightful & raw Q&A where Safiq get alittle more depth about himself, and a few things pertaining to him. He get more and more comfortable each

Philly -Vs- Everybody or Philly -Vs- Philly?
March 08, 2021

I had the pleasure of being a guest this week on my good friend Vee’s podcast “Lesbereal” , where we sat and spoke alittle about what it’s like being a creative from Philly, what’s phillys problem when it comes to support, and a few other interesting thin

Y’all Missed Me?
February 18, 2021

Yikessssss, back again, did y’all miss the kid, because Safiq missed you guys. We’ve returned in a much better mental space & he promises to NEVERRRR take another break. He’s thankful for everyone that’s been in Safiq’s Corner this entire time & wants you

Welcome To Safiq’s Corner
September 11, 2020