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Netwomen Uncut

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Episode 46- This is Calmer
July 23, 2023

We found our CEO Pinky a little starstruck with Tania Diggory CEO of Calmer for this episode. Pinky has been following Calmer and receiving the newsletter for 5 years and she never thought she would have Tania on her podcast but that happened today! They

Episode 45 - We need men involved in our DEI mission and what does 'woke' actually mean?
June 21, 2023

Gareth Buchanan founder of Inclusive Advocacy talks to Pinky about what it was like to go from HR in corporate finance to owning his DEI consultancy. He is also a Netwomen DEI facilitator who believes in inclusive cultures, just like us. He talks about th

Episode 44 - Corporate culture and is DEI just a 'buzz' phrase?
May 22, 2023

Based in Quebec, Canada, Elizabeth Ionita is Netwomen Director for Tech and Public Sector in USA. After almost a decade in Tech sales, helping drive growth, she shares her perspective on what it takes to build strong cultures and why learning and developm

Episode 43- The importance of community and Netwomen
April 22, 2023

Meet Aiko our Netwomen Community Director based in L.A. USA. As she says "Community is everything." Aiko grew up in poverty and is thriving in her mindfulness business and is doing brilliant things with Netwomen growing the community. "When

Episode 42 - Inspiring women in the Trucking Industry
March 22, 2023

Netwomen division director Tara Lehman based in Toronto Canada talks to Pinky about the challenges and struggles of being a woman in trucking. Why women are scared of advocating for themselves or using their voice and why we need sponsorship, mentorship,

Episode 41 - Helping the forgotten women
February 22, 2023

Pinky and Hayley founder of Hayley Joy based in Johannesburg has been in business for 16 years. Talking about the forgotten women and a conversation about plus size women who struggle to find something that only fits well but they feel good in. Hayley has

Episode 40 - From CIA to CEO
January 22, 2023

How important is it that the leadership team represents our diverse world? Rupal Patel and Pinky speak candidly about being brown women and how our bringing has shaped our lives. We talk about Rupal's book From CIA to CEO helps you find your voice as an e

Episode 39 - Closing Pay Gaps
December 20, 2022

Why are women less likely to negotiate? And what happens when women negotiate? Michelle Gyimah Pay Gaps Expert talks candidly with Pinky about this thought provoking topic that we need to talk about and often don't. As women, we feel guilt and shame when

Episode 38 - Celebrating less than 5% gender pay gap
November 22, 2022

Al Kingsley CEO of netsupport chats with Pinky about what organisations need to be doing to bridge the gender gap and gender parity. Why are we still educating people about this? Pay parity is a 'given' right? Well obviously not, because we are still talk

Episode 37 - From C-suite in tech to CEO of her business
October 23, 2022

Pinky and Cat Wildman co-founder and CEO of Global Equality Collective, one of our netwomen partners, talk about being a woman in a man's world. How things need to change in organisations to create equality, what needs to happen and why it's so important