Being Tunisha Sharma

Being Tunisha Sharma

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BTS not interested in the IDOL Life?
September 23, 2022

Is BTS's hiatus an indication they don't want to do music anymore? --- Send in a voice message:

Welcome Back BTS!
September 10, 2022

A new Season, a new Episode! Listen to know what I came back from my grave to talk about! YouTube: Instagram:  --- Send in a voice message:

BTS's Butter Comeback
May 22, 2021

Butter is out and ARMY's are melting. --- Send in a voice message:

Jung Hoseok's Birthda6: Bonus Episode
February 18, 2021

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope/ Hobi's Birthday! --- Send in a voice message:

Back with a Kpop Valentine Playlist (Ep 17)
February 14, 2021

This year's first Episode of BTS: Being Tunisha Sharma. Listen to me rant about the award season and a blonde JUNGKOOK making an appearance. A small sneak peak into my romantic K-pop playlist. Check out my curated recommendations to celebrate Valentine's

Episode 1
September 12, 2020

Bangtan Sonyeondan being a world wide sensation, Kim Namjoon's Birthday celebrations, Kim Namjoon being Kim Namjoon. --- Send in a voice message: