ON THE VINE with Chris Hempstead

ON THE VINE with Chris Hempstead

OnTheVine ETF Podcast - Episode #1 – Single and Active: Looking for an Audience With Chris Hempstead and Mike Venuto

October 03, 2023

Episode #1 - Chris provides a US stock market recap for the 1st half of 2023, and interviews Mike Venuto, co-founder of Tidal Financial Services, as they discuss two new ETFs that are quickly gaining in popularity: single stock equity ETFs (TSLY) and Actively Managed ETFs (PP).

“On The Vine” ETF Landscape Podcasts feature ETF Industry veteran Chris Hempstead, known for his ability to easily explain complex exchange-traded products, as he invites listeners to join him as he talks about the financial markets and the ETF Industry, often interviewing leaders and influencers in innovative ETF products.